Teens, Bullys, the Holidays and Survival Solutions

Wow!  Time got away with me, and now the holidays are here!  I had much to be grateful for this past Thanksgiving.  My kids and families are all happy, healthy and thriving.  What more can a parent ask for?!  My eldest grandson, has changed schools this year to get away from the "bully" situation that had been affecting him for some time.  This has sparked my last postings on the subject of BULLYING.  Now he is a changed little boy!  He loves going to school, his grades have improved, he has friends standing in line to have sleep overs and play dates.  This was an anguishing decision for my kids to make, but I have to hand it to them - they did it and it turned out great.  I know everyone isn't this lucky or has these choices.  But - we have to stay close to what's going on and keep our ears and hearts open and ready to do something.  ACTION! So here's my latest action!  We have formed a Youth Collaborative in Santa Monica!  We're a very proactive group representing as many of the Youth Associations as we possibly can.  We all support YOUTH! We want our teens and tweens to get as much information as they possibly can about anything they think is pertinent to them!  Not us....Them!  We're filming our very first video/webisode and the subject is bullying.  We're gearing these videos to the teens!  We want them to have a place to find solace and solutions.  So stay tuned.... there should be a new posting here by next week!  We know the kids are getting ready for winter break, so we think our timing is very good!