My clients love me, and I know you will too!

Having worked with Tish for the past five years, I am happy to confirm her expertise and dedication to working with young people in our community.

Initially, I worked with Tish, as she was the Rotary Club of Santa Monica liaison to the SMC Rotaract Club, of which I am the faculty advisor. Tish volunteered her time and efforts to attend club meetings and coordinate students involvement with community service opportunities. She offered her assistance and advice to students in a very effective and inviting way. Her positive energy and friendliness motivated students and made them feel comfortable in communicating with her as their supporting friend. Even though Tish is not the current liaison, she continues to be very involved with SMC’s club and other youth in our area. At any chance, she champions our students – most recently in promoting Rotary’s support for the students to attend the International Rotary conference in Los Angeles.

Tish is currently serving on the Advisory Board for the Business Dept at SMC. Again she volunteers her time to et involved with our students, as well as curriculum. Often, we have discussed the importance of life skills, as well as academic skills, for students’ success in their careers and consequently, have found out that Tish has conducted very effective seminars on life skills preparation of industry at our local high schools (again on a voluntary basis). She also has volunteered her time to conduct mock interviews of our SMC students, dedicating days in the process.

Having seen how well Tish interacts with young people and how well they relate to her, I recommend that she be given the opportunity to continue to inspire our students to put their best efforts forward in preparing for successful careers.
— Lynette Shishido, Business Professor at Santa Monica College

There is no one more positive and upbeat than Tish! I called her to step in and assist Pacific Park with recruitment at our busiest time of the season. We were in crisis mode and Tish handled the situation masterfully. It’s so wonderful to have people who you can turn to, trust and count on. Thank you Tish!
— Mary Ann Powell, CEO Pacific Park June 2012

Energetic, full of passion for helping others and a natural leader – that is how I would describe Tish. She is also extremely professional and a great communicator. I ‘m confident that she would be a success in any endeavor that she begins. Tish worked with the college through Rotary, and also participated in giving mock interviews to students to help them prepare for the working world. Her input into the process and participation was invaluable.
— Joy Tucker, Business Professor at Santa Monica College

Thank you so much for visiting the Exploring Entrepreneurship Summer Program today! Your presentation has given me an invaluable knowledge about interviewing and selling myself to employers. I plan on doing practice interviews in the mirror and in my father’s office, using the techniques you taught me, to prepare for my admissions interview with USC. I know that your seminar will not only help me get in to USC, but will also help me when I’m interviewing for a job. With your permission, I would like to contact you if I have any questions. Thanks again!
— Wesley Aster
Thank you so much for coming to campus and speaking to our class. I loved your engaging and interactive lecture about how to ace interviews. You actually come at the prefect time because I am starting interviews next week for post grad job opportunities. Now, I am re-energized and motivated to be fully prepared for my first interview.

Thank you again for your wonderful talk and hope to keep in touch.
— Tina Chhabria, University of Southern California, B.A. Communication 2010
Tish has made a significant impact on over 250 High School students during the
University of Southern California Summer Seminars “Discovering Entrepreneurship.” She has
graciously encouraged these young people about making their way in the business world by coaching
Meeting Behaviors, Interview Techniques and Follow Up systems. Students uniformly were
grateful for her wisdom and enthusiasm. Linda is an outstanding teacher and “wears well”
as we have showcased her three hour session for five summers (and will do so again!).
She represents the best in business and is a great role model for young people.
— William H. Crookston, PhD Professor of Entrepreneurship, Lloyd Greif Center for Entrepreneurial Studies, Marshall School of Business, University of Southern California
Thank you, Tish, for your terrific presentation to my class yesterday! My students were engaged, inspired and most importantly, now feel empowered to get out there and get the job they want! Thanks for the added life’s lessons, too. You made quite an impact. See you next semester!
— Paula D. Woodley, Lecturer, Annenberg School for Communications, University of Southern California
I wanted to send you this email to thank you for coming to our class last week. You gave some very valuable tips that I’m sure I will remember for a long time. You gave me info to think about and apply to my life. I didn’t think that I was anything special or different. Now I realize that I am. I’m already thinking about my goals and dreams and making them happen. I can’t wait to start being the “new me” that I now know I can be.
— Anais
Thank you for coming to Professor Woodley’s class last week. Your presentation on interviewing and job searching was very informative and I found it very helpful. The handouts and tips that you gave our class were extremely insightful and will be beneficial to us all in the near future. I hope that we can talk more about specific concerns in the job search process. Thank you again for everything and I look forward to speaking with you soon.
— Kathryn A. Holder, University of Southern California, Annenberg School of Communication
Thank you for taking time out to talk to me on the telephone and help me through a hard time with my parents. I took your advice, and thought things through, bit the bullet and sat down with them and just told them like it is. They still love me like you said they would! They are going to help to support me through my mistake, and help me learn not to make the same mistake again, ever! I really appreciate your help, and will never forget you. I know I can call you again if I need you.
— Bob T.
I just wanted to thank you so much for coming in to our class and sharing such helpful knowledge!

Your information was especially helpful to me because I am only a sophomore in college, so I am still trying to figure out what I want to do, and I have trouble sometimes applying to specific positions when I am not sure if such a position would interest me. This is particularly evident when I submit my resume to a “black hole” online portal of resumes! Your input made me realize that it’s not that important to decide today exactly what I want to be, but to start thinking about the things I love and how they might turn into something I can pursue in the future.
— Giselle